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Hello Hello!

Lauren Joslen here. Hi. I'm a full-time wedding + portrait photographer, currently based out of a small town called Kelso, Washington. I really enjoy sunrise hikes, coffee dates with my hilarious husband, exploring tide pools at any beach, and wearing sweatpants whenever I'm home.

After venturing down many different paths of photography, I've realized that I love photographing love. I have photographed over 50 weddings filled with happy tears, yummy cake, and, of course, bad dance moves. I love telling the story of a couple through pictures. My biggest desire is for my clients to get that nostalgia feeling to some of the best times in their life when they look back on their pictures.

While weddings may be my preferred choice of photography, I also book a variety of other sessions. Have something in mind? Shoot me an email with what you’re hoping I can capture. Maybe I’ll be the perfect fit for what you’re wanting, or I can refer you to one of my insanely talented photographer friends. I’m glad our paths crossed and I can’t wait to meet you!

Care to get a deeper look into my personal relationship with photography? Here it is:

  • 2010 - attended a film photography class at the public school (I went to a private school that didn't offer photography, so a friend and I drove across town to the public school for one period everyday for one semester. Dedicated.)

  • 2011 - interned for a local photographer

  • 2012 - worked my booty off at Taco Bell to save for a DSLR Camera

  • 2013 - graduated High School, bought my first DSLR Camera, took pictures of everything and taught myself photoshop

  • 2014 - made it official and got a business license with the business name "LC Photography" (Claunch is my maiden name, hence the C)

  • 2015 - graduated from college with my AA, got engaged, shot 3 weddings, attended a photography workshop

  • 2016 - got married, shot 10 weddings, quit my day job to be a full-time photographer

  • 2017 - shot 17 weddings and loved life as a full-time photographer

  • 2018 - shot 15 weddings, 2 elopements, attended a photography workshop, and started a local photography group

Alright, enough about me. I want to hear about you!