my story

growing up

I grew up in a time that didn't have the internet at our fingertips or a cellphone camera in our hands at all times. I grew up in a time where my mom would occasionally set up a card table and designate it as her scrapbook table. She'd fill up these big heavy books with pictures of me and my sisters surrounded with colorful stickers and handwritten captions in fine point Sharpies. 

If you were to go to my parents' house, you'd find these albums sitting in the bottom portion of a big hutch. The feel and smell the same as the first day my mom put them together.  I love flipping through these scrapbooks. It always takes me back to that time and place in those pictures.  Nostalgia. I love the nostalgia of it. 

While I don't remember much of my mom following us around with her camera, insisting we smile because she only had so much film. But I do love looking back on old photos. 

I believe this is what got me into photography. 

I believe this is why I love more of a lifestyle/photojournalist approach to my work.  I just want candid and authentic images to take my clients back to their wedding day, the way it actually went, not something that was posed. 


the business starting point

Becoming a photographer in this over-saturated industry wasn't easy. But I have always wanted to be a photographer.

Here's my timeline:

  • 2010 - attended a film photography class at the public school (I went to a private school that didn't offer photography, so a friend and I drove across town to the public school for one period everyday for one semester. Dedicated.)
  • 2011 - interned for a local photographer
  • 2012 - worked my booty off at Taco Bell to save for a DSLR Camera
  • 2013 - graduated High School, bought my first DSLR Camera, took pictures of everything and taught myself photoshop
  • 2014 - got a business license with the business name "LC Photography" (Claunch is my maiden name, hence the C)
  • 2015 - graduated from college with my AA, got engaged, shot 3 weddings, attended a photography workshop
  • 2016 - got married, shot 10 weddings, quit my job to be a full-time photographer
  • 2017 - shot 17 weddings and loved life as a full-time photographer and never looking back

The Now

I'm a big believer in community over competition. I've received hours of hands-on experience, sat down and learned from multiple photographers, and have put what I've learned into practice to achieve my dream job as a full-time wedding photographer.  I want to share with you what I know! I want to see you learn and grow in the right direction. I don't want you to struggle or make the same mistakes that I once have. I want to be your mentor. Your friend. And show you the bright side of this incredible industry.